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EV: So, I heard about Regina a few months ago, and I checked out her site. I thought her work was pretty tight, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind invading my website and talking about what it is that she does creatively. I love creative minds, and here at, I want to feature creative minds: writers, bloggers, artists, musicians…creative spirits. So, prepare yourself. Get amped. Get creative. I introduce to you…the cool, the rockin, the most dank Regina!

Regina: Helloooooo!! (every time I write that, I think of Mrs. Doubtfire!) Thanks for having me here! This is actually my first “Guest Post” so bare with me as a DESIGNER turns Writer for about 2.5 seconds! (writing OBVIOUSLY isn’t my forte!!)

Well, I guess some people want to know a little bit about me!? Well, basically, I’m pretty average. I’m a mother, and a wife… I am married to a French speaking Cameroonian, and I can understand most spoken French, but I have really bad “broken French” when I speak.

I am an artist in almost all realms you can think of.. I like to draw, paint, photograph, and design. I LOVE to cook, is that an art? I don’t

know. Funny thing is, I can’t bake for nothin! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I burn, I undercook, I don’t use enough sugar, etc… I am
HORRIBLE at baking!

I love coffee, chocolate and dancing to music.


Me. anything else you want to know? You can email me!!

Here are some common questions I get as a designer:

Do I need to read a book in its entirety or is a very detailed summary all that is needed?

Usually all that is needed is a good description of what the book is about or the character you want portrayed on the cover. Each author and client have different views on what’s to be seen on the cover, therefore conveying those ideas to the artist is important. Some authors say here is my book, I give you free range to come up with something, and others are very detailed in EXACTLY how they want the cover to look right down to pose, clothing, and scenery. I can swing both! But nowadays, if you want me to read your book first, it may take a bit longer to get to your cover! I love a few detailed chapters!

How did I get started with cover design?

Well, I studied visual communications at Brown College here in Minnesota and that is where I learned the basics of the programs I use. However, I got started doing covers by chance. I was just enjoying art on DeviantArt one day and decided I wanted to give that a try! So I did, and I mixed my “artist” skills with my “professional” graphic design skills, and Voila! You have awesome cover designs!! I just love what I do, from memoirs to romance and paranormal… I love design and art, so there isn’t anything I won’t try!
Side note: If you want to do this as a profession.. DO IT! But first learn the basics of design. Learn about positive and negative space, typography, balance, color theory, and you can definitely bring that up a notch to provide an awesome service!

One thing I cringe on the most is bad design. If the balance isn’t right or the typography isn’t right, it really can throw off a cover. It needs to be studied, and re-studied, and studied again. It’s a process to get it just right, and usually can take me (if I’m super woman, drinking creative juice) 3 hours to 2 months! That is also why I charge what I do. I’m not the most expensive, but I am definitely not the cheapest either. The reason is because I have background in design. I know what it takes to create balance, color theory and typography. I WORK until the author is satisfied. I am passionate about creating the most appealing cover for your story. That’s it! If you want to know more about my services email me at or fan my pages on facebook Here and Here. One is for art and covers and one is for ALL THE ABOVE!

Do I only design book covers?

I don’t just work on covers, but it is a passion of mine. I love the creativity and story you get to portray on the cover. It’s challenging,  and I love a good challenge! I actually do a lot of branding, logo design, bookmark design, website design and photography among other things. A complete list of my services can be found on my website at or

EV: So, I hope you all enjoyed this little piece. What do you think? Did she wear the writer hat pretty legit or what? Mrs. Doubtfire ain’t got nothin’ on this chick. She’s got talent too. Her photos are lively and she’s ready to help you rock out your story. Hit her up if you think you guys will make a good fit!


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