Stoked for the summer!

In case you didn’t know, I have switched publishers. My new publisher is StoneGate Ink, and they’re kind of awesome. We re-released ARSON. It’s got a slightly newer cover, but not a whole lot has changed. If you haven’t read it, go snag that ish on Amazon; it’s less than 3 bucks, so no excuses.

Also, ARSON part dos is complete and will be making its way to Kindle and print very soon. More on this in the coming weeks. I promise, this mother will be worth the wait.

Finally, I’m ridiculously stoked to announce that I will be touring this summer. Yes, after a semester of classes and chillin, which really just means writing like crazy and preparing for a summer worth of touring, I am hitting the dusty trail once more. You should definitely spread the fire, and come hang if you can. First stop will be ATLANTA FEST in, you guessed it…Atlanta, GA. Why do I always tend to think of Ray Charles, you know, with that weird look in his eye, when I say Georgia? I digress. Here’s the heads-up. So, Re-release of ARSON is happening now on the Kindle, so go get it. Book two is coming your way very, very soon, and Atlanta Fest begins the summer of touring. Get stoked. It’s gonna be a killer summer. Not to mention, X-men comes out tomorrow. Ohyeah!



  1. Alison says:

    Yeah!!! I can’t wait for this book to come out! I NEEEEEEEED to know what its called so I can add it to my TBR wishlist on Amazon lol.

  2. I’ll give you a hint…it starts with an A…

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