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27 Jun 2016

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  Howdy! I realize there haven’t been very many updates or info on this site of late, but that’s gonna change. For right now, here is some interesting info to keep you guys excited…hopefully. I will be very busy this summer, doing local signings here and there, but most importantly, I will be traveling the […]

04 Nov 2014

Hope is a Weapon

  If you’re stranded in a desert with a dry throat and parched lips, about to die of thirst, then what you need is water. However, if you’re going down with the Titanic, about to freeze or drown to death, your need is altered. You no longer need water but a life raft. If I […]

Hola, my little firestarters. Writing today with some very awesome news. ARISE, book 3 in The Arson Saga, has officially been unleashed through Capulet Entertainment. It launched on July 4th on the Kindle and is now also available in paperback for all you print-lovers! I cannot tell you all how stoked I am to finally […]

    We’re taught from a young age to set goals. We’re taught (sorta) in high school how to plan for the future by attending a good college in hopes that after accumulating $60-100k in debt we can get that awesome $20 an hour J.O.B. In Sunday school, we’re taught how to love Jesus so […]

  Life began with a Word, or if we wanna be technical, an Idea. In order for humanity or Earth or an atmosphere or a universe to come into being, something or Someone has to originate it. Recently, a professor was discussing the complexity of an expanding universe and what it would take to go […]

We are simple creatures. Complex in certain areas, but at the core simple. We live. We breathe. We die. And we believe. In something, which helps separates us from the animals. I realize today’s Monday, and I’m a day late and a dollar short, as is my custom, but even though the sabbath was yesterday, […]

15 Aug 2013

Dead ART

So, there’s this notion running around suggesting that books are a dead art. Well, maybe not dead or extinct, but certainly dying. At least, that’s what they would have you believe. The they being the twisted sadist naysayers behind such shenanigans like hiding the remote, mixing starches and vegetables, and other communist  plots. What, then, […]

  So there’s this story about a mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein who creates a certain piece-meal monster that, upon being jolted to life, starts running amuck, terrorizing townsfolk, attempting to simultaneously learn Spanish and the salsa dance, and ultimately becoming a royal pain in Victor’s backside. Okay, okay, I realize some of my facts […]

A lot of people have been asking me what the next book in the ARSON series is about. Is it epic? Is there gonna be tons of action scenes? Who’s gonna die? And I’ve been pretty mum about the topic. The main reason for this is because I’m a really big jerk who likes to […]